Screen 1: (December 28, 2010) The American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA) reprints an article about the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Wikileaks from the anti-Semitic group, Rebel News, and links to the group's website.

Screen 2: (December 28, 2010) Rebel News publishes anti-Semitic article entitled, 'ADL to Attack Journalists and Publications Tying Israel to Wikileaks.'

Screen 3: (January 11, 2011) Rebel News publishes anti-Semitic article about Arizona shooter Jared Loughner, entitled 'Just Another Freak in Jewmerica or Something Else?'

Screen 4: (January 11, 2011) Homepage of AMANA features anti-Semitic article, 'ADL: Wikileaks Vital to Israel's Intelligence Program,'

Screen 5: (January 15, 2011) AMANA reposts article from anti-Semitic website, Rebel News

Screen 7: (January 14, 2011) Rebel News: "There ARE no honest Jews... There are no good Jews... Jews control everything in this society; and if you donít know that, then youíre actually working for them, too, whether you realize it or not."

Screen 6: (March 30, 2008) Rebel News: "It is our mission at the Rebel Media Group to help Jews realise that they have a huge problem that they can no longer ignore. That Jewishness is neither a race nor a religion, but a pathological mental condition that requires urgent treatment for the sake of mankind as a whole."

Screen 8: (June 20, 2010) Rebel News: "The easiest way to spot a Jew is by his distinctive 'smell' of hype and hate. Whenever you hear or read about the best dentist, the best lawyer, the best restaurant, the must have, must read, must watch, must visit, must do this or that, you can bet your last dollar that at least one Jew benefits."

Screen 9: (May 16, 2010) AMANA's website reproduces an entire web page from the anti-Semitic website, Rebel News, along with the site's pleas for donations.

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