Screen 1: Al-Haramain Foundation, October 1998: “The Jew's natural disposition was closely linked to treachery, betrayal and covenant-breaching... The punishment of the Jews was not just a matter of religion... With the extermination of the last Jewish clan in Medina, it was cleansed of all disloyal elements... Any Jew or Christian who did not embrace Islam was considered and designated as an unbeliever (kaafir) as well as an enemy of Allah, of His Messenger (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) and the Believers. With this belief firm in their hearts they were able to endure the hardships, treachery and betrayals delivered upon them by the Jews.’”

Screen 2: Al-Haramain Foundation, October 1998: “The war of the Christian Crusaders is today at its most intense... As for the Muslim who is exposed to the [effects] of this filthy war, he becomes ill in thought and desensitised to this disease. He does not see any danger with the presence of Christians in the lands of the Muslims... The Zionist War is just the same.The Jews strive their utmost to corrupt the beliefs, morals and manners of the Muslims. The Jews scheme and crave after possessing the Muslim lands, as well as the lands of others.”

Screen 3: Al-Haramain Foundation, October/November 2000: “We publish the following selected ayaat from the Abridged version of Tafseer Ibn Katheer as a reminder for all Muslims, not just about the nature of the Jews as described by Allah Himself for us to feel proud and affirm our superiority over them and Allah's favor to us, but to reflect deeply on the lessons therein that may apply to us as Muslims. These lessons should be drawn from the deep wisdom in the ayaat so that we know the nature and characteristics of the Jews and so that we do not fall into the very same attributes ourselves... Allah states that the Jews, may Allah's continuous curses descend on them until the Day of Resurrection, describe Him as a miser... What Allah said occurred, for the Jews are indeed miserly, envious, cowards and tremendously humiliated... This describes the Jews, since their disbelief is that of rebellion, defiance, opposing the truth, belittling other people and degrading the scholars. This is why the Jews - may Allah's continued curses descend upon them until the Day of Resurrection - killed many of their Prophets and tried to kill the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) several times.”

Screen 4: Al-Haramain Foundation, October/November 2000: “The Jews do not have any stake in al-Quds [Jerusalem]... [I]t is clear that the Jews have no right to the land, whether according to religious law or in terms of who lived there first and possessed the land. They are aggressors who are seizing the land by force. We ask Allaah to rid Bayt al-Maqdis [Jerusalem] of them sooner rather than later...”

Screen 5: Al-Haramain Foundation, February/March 2001: “Islam is spreading in spite of these hypocritical methods that Christians and others are using to stop it.”

Screen 6: Al-Haramain Foundation, May 2001: “[S]toning to death – this kind of punishment is for the adulterer who is married. The shar’i punishment for the crime of homosexuality is execution – by the sword, according to the most correct view – as was narrated in the discussion above about the differences among the scholars as to how this execution should be carried out. As far as lesbianism is concerned, there is no hadd for it, but it is subject to ta’zeer [unspecified punishment to be determined at the discretion of the qaadi].”

Screen 7: Al-Haramain Foundation, June 2001: “[W]hy is there so much hatred for this noble religion in the West? The answer is simple, the media. It is the Jewish influenced media of the West which has portrayed Islam to be something that it is not... Whilst trying to destroy Islam through this instrument of the media, the Jews clearly try to portray an image of themselves as being the oppressed people. Every year, we are reminded as to how many Jews perished under the Nazis in World War II. We are made to feel sorry for these same people who have gone on to commit so many crimes upon the Palestinian people. Some may say that this is a racist and biased viewpoint. But we say; If this media was not run and orchestrated by the Jews and was truly neutral, then why are Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, two former Israeli prime ministers, not held aloft as being terrorists?”

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