Screen 1: Pennsylvania Department of State shows the corporation of the American Muslim Society of the Tristate Area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware (AMS Tri-State) as being "active."

Screen 2: The registered address of AMS Tri-State is the same as the physical address of the Foundation for Islamic Education (FIE).

Screen 3: AMS Tri-State co-sponsors its annual conference with FIE at FIE.

Screen 4: The AMS Tri-State website was renewed in December 2009.

Screen 5: June 2001 list of Board of Directors and Executive Committee of AMS Tri-State.

Screen 6: Current bio of Iftekhar Hussain showing that Hussain, the founding Secretary General of AMS Tri-State, serves as the Chairman of the Board of CAIR-Pennsylvania (a.k.a. CAIR-Philadelphia).

Screen 7: Zaheer Chaudhry, the founding President of AMS Tri-State, served as a board member of CAIR-Pennsylvania.

Screen 8: Masoud Ghaznavi, the founding Chairman of the Board of AMS Tri-State, served as an advisor to CAIR-Pennsylvania.

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