Screen 1: November 28, 2007: Profile of Deep Thought.

Screen 2: August 9, 2006: "Christians are some of the biggest hypocrites I have EVER met in my life."

Screen 3: August 9, 2006: "Allah (swt) will give us justice in this life or the next. Be patient brothers and sisters.. either way we will prevail over those who mistreat us.. I firmly believe this.... Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!"

Screen 4: August 27, 2006: "Jews own the American media."

Screen 5: July 20, 2006: "I would tell you face to face how I feel about you israel supporting ‘jews’... Likewise, If a Jew attacks me or my muslim brothers.....GAME OVER."

Screen 6: July 20, 2006: "I have never personally met a Jew but if he is anything like you.. I'm gonna put my combat boots in his jew a**."

Screen 7: July 14, 2006: "If it were me brother Fazz, I would fight until they kill me... It would be inhumane on every able bodied Palestinian man to NOT resist the Israeli Army... Sometimes you have to fight for something greater than yourself."

Screen 8: November 12, 2006: "Bush created terroiSm in Iraq.. Before he invaded there were no terroist... jUST LIKE jEWS CREATED HAMAS."

Screen 9: July 14, 2006: "I would kill if I was a Palestinian."

Screen 10: May 1, 2006: "You choose to believe it because in your mind HAMAS CAN DO NO RIGHT... I on the other hand see them as freedom fighters... FREE PALESTINE!!!!!!!"

Screen 11: July 15, 2006: "So what if there is a UN charter stated than Israel has a right to exist... Screw the UN resolutions."

Screen 12: August 7, 2006, post exhibits former icon of Deep Thought, stating "my religion, ISLAM."


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