Operation "Saving our Youth"

It is not news that the environment of public schools in North America is a very real danger facing our Muslim youth. Every day they are exposed to drugs, violence, sex, drinking, corruption of every kind, and unimaginable immoral behavior. On the average, 96,000 teens are arrested every year for criminal charges. One of every three is sexually active before the age of 14. Teenage pregnancy rates continue to climb. Drug use among middle school students is quite common.

Full-time Islamic schools create a safe haven that are drug-free and promote a clean, moral environment. It is estimated that only 2-3% of Muslim youth in North America attend full-time Islamic schools. Weekend Islamic schools are a good, humble beginning; however, they are not adequate enough to do the job of keeping our young people protected from the corruption around them.

Operation "Saving Our Youth" provides financial assistance to Islamic Schools by aiding with fundraising activities, and by providing scholarships to qualified Muslim youth whose families would not normally be able to afford the tuition.

If you would like to earn continuous sadaka by protecting the Islamic identity and supporting the education of our youth, please write your check payable to GRF, noting on the memo, "Operation Saving Our Youth". It is the kind of program that can really empower our community so that the "able" may support the "unable" for the sake of Allah.

Ramadan 1999 Islamic Center of Birmingham, Alabama $305,000
Masjid Al-Noor, Sacramento, CA $285,000
Masjid Al-Mu'ameneen, Atlanta, GA $175,000
Islamic Center of Birmingham, Alabama $175,000
January 1999 Muslim Community of Ann Arbor, MI $135,000
February 1999 Islamic Society of Fort Worth, TX $80,000
May 1999 Masjid Al-Tawheed, Jersey City, NJ $165,000
Al-Iman Society, New York, NY $18,000
June 1999 Dar Al-Arqam School, Sacramento, CA $70,000
November 1999 Champion Forest Masjid, Houston, TX $55,000
2000 American Open University $85,000
Islamic Academy of North East Florida $69,000
January 2000 Boca Raton Masjid, Boca Raton, FL $600,000
Islamic Center of Oakland, CA $480,000
April 2000 Al-Iman Academy, Houston, TX $150,000
May 2000 Masjid Al-Noor, Sacramento, CA $65,000
Islamic Assembly of North America, Chicago, IL $100,000
June 2000 Michigan Islamic Academy, Ann Arbor, MI $83,000
31% Smoke
54% Drink Alcohol
12% Use Illegal Drugs
27% Thought about committing suicide
8% Attempted suicide
75% Sexually active
23% Male students who had carried guns to school
10% Female students who have been pregnant

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