Screen 1: IOC plans event featuring Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leader Sami Al-Arian, the same day Al-Arian was arrested by the FBI.

Screen 2: IOC brings "Unindicted Co-Conspirator" of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Siraj Wahhaj, to speak at the student group's 2009 Islam Awareness Month.

Screen 3: IOC brings Wahhaj to speak at the student group's 2008 Islam Awareness Month.

Screen 4: IOC brings Zulfiqar Ali Shah, the former South Asia Director of the Hamas-affiliated KindHearts, to speak at its November 2003 Ramadan Awareness Week.

Screen 5: IOC places article in its newsletter containing anti-Semitic quote referring to Jews as "these friggin' Yahood."

Screen 6: Jason Fieldhouse listed as Student Government Liaison of Islam On Campus (IOC).

Screen 7: Jason Fieldhouse listed as Active Member of Nakba '48.

Screen 8: Nakba '48 states that its goal is "working to end Zionism and the state of Israel."

Screen 9: Jason Fieldhouse's article, 'Tribute to the Mujahideen,' written for radical Muslim site Captive Minds.

Screen 10: Captive Minds refers to America as "the rogue nation."

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