Screen 1: Group leader and former representative of the Hamas-related CAIR, Muhammed Malik (center), chants slogans against Israel.

Screen 2: Flavia Marlene Almonte, dressed in a full black burqa and gloves, holds sign calling for Israel's destruction ("From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.")

Screen 3: Group leader and Past President of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Mnar Muhareb, wears chain with pendant depicting a map of the entire state of Israel ("From the river to the sea...")

Screen 4: Muhareb wears baseball cap bearing a logo resembling that of Hamas.

Screen 5: Another rally goer wears the same Hamas hat.

Screen 6: A masked Farid Hamoudeh looking like a Palestinian militant.

Screen 7: Close-up of Farid Hamoudeh.

Screen 8: Muslim Brotherhood-related MSA represented at the intifida rally.

Screen 9: Anti-Israel student leader of the Palestinian American Organization (PAO), Noor Fawzy, holds a Palestinian flag.

Screen 10: Sameer Rashid draped in a keffiyeh.

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