Screen 1: The My Space page of Vegeta (a.k.a. Saiyan)

Screen 2: Image of children jihadis

Screen 3: Image of Fattah terrorist

Screen 4: Image of Hamas terrorists

Screen 5: Image of Hezbollah logo

Screen 6: Image of Hezbollah terrorists

Screen 7: Message calling former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a "butcher"

Screen 8: Image of baby dressed as suicide bomber

Screen 9: Image of executed Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's wheelchair

Screen 10: Photo of violent Palestinian children

Screen 11: Vegeta's anti-Israel "friends"

Screen 12: Vegeta's anti-Israel "friends" continued, including an attacked Jewish star

Screen 13: Photo of Hamas victory party

Screen 14: Photo of anti-Israel propaganda

Screen 15: Messages of praise and "Brotherhood" from Nabil Shukrijumah


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