Screen 1: Amidst a number of vicious anti-Semitic posts, Stormfront's Derek Black posts a copy of the Certificate of Election he received in the mail from the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections onto the Stormfront web forum.

Screen 2: Anti-Semitic Stormfront post from ex-KKK leader David Duke.

Screen 3: Stormfront: "[W]hen a jew is invo[l]ved, look out for dirty fighting!! They are a most treacherous race!"

Screen 4: Threat to Chairman of the Palm Beach Republican Executive Committee Sid Dinerstein from Stormfront member, stating "What he needs is a good old fashion country ass whoopin."

Screen 5: Stormfront: "Another filthy stinking Jew imposing his tyranny on whites."

Screen 6: Stormfront member refers to Chairman dinerstein as "the kike."

Screen 7: Stormfront: "[I]f anyone had any doubts about the jew being our enemy they should be cleared up now."

Screen 8: Stormfront: "Can you now deny that the jew is our unrivaled #1 enemy?"

Screen 9: Stormfront: "The jew thinks He is above the law. Above the people.. SCREW the JEW!!"

Screen 10: Stormfront: "The simple fact is that those Jews are always describing themselves, while projecting all their evil onto innocent White folks."

Screen 11: Stormfront member refers to Senator John McCain as "McJew."

Screen 12: Stormfront: "DUMP ISRAEL NOW"

Screen 13: Stormfront: "The problem is the vast majority of whites are so brainwashed and beaten down by the Jew media and dumbed down by Jew controlled academia..."

Screen 14: Stormfront: "We will have to fight the Jews/Zionists sooner or later."

Screen 15: Stormfront member refers to Chairman Dinerstein as "that hook nosed jew."

Screen 16: Stormfront: "It is time to deal with this fellow Dinerstein."

Screen 17: Stormfront: "I forsee another expulsion for the Jews in the future. They are again, wearing out their welcome."

Screen 18: Stormfront: "Someone need[s] to reign this jew in."

Screen 19: Stormfront member refers to Chairman Dinerstein as "Yid Dinerstain."

Screen 20: Stormfront: "Deport Dinerstein back to Tel Aviv."

Screen 21: Stormfront: "Damn hebes, took the article down."

Screen 22: Stormfront: "Jews leave USA & other white countries"

Screen 23: Stormfront: "The jews are absolutely enemy #1..."

Screen 24: Stormfront member posts altered pic of Chairman Dinerstein with a Jewish star (Star of David) superimposed on it.

Screen 25: Stormfront: "Derek looks like he wanted to clean ol' Sid's clock. I wish I had been there."

Screen 26: Stormfront: "It's one thing to talk about the past, [it's] another thing to see the true jew nature exposed and in your face."

Screen 27: Stormfront: "[T]his sick jew should be picketed day and night..."

Screen 28: Stormfront: "A typical child of Satan.. everything for them is about: 1) Jews."

Screen 29: Stormfront member posts anti-Semitic cartoon.

Screen 30: Stormfront: "It is simply impossible for jews to peacefully coexist with us in our society. They are a cancer, a plague, a loudmouthed, hateful, anti-White parasite burrowed deep in. As long as they control the media, they control the minds of the foolish masses."

Screen 31: Stormfront: "[T]he jews have willing accomplices who are not jews, merely traitors to their own races."

Screen 32: Stormfront member refers to Chairman Dinerstein as "that evil jew."

Screen 33: Stormfront: "The only logical solution is to round up every single jew in this country and send them to Israel."

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