Screen 1: "Jewish supremacists like Dinerstein, by flagrantly disregarding the will of the voters, make us many new friends..."

Screen 2: "Congrats Mr. Black for winning the election. I hope you fight this ruling by the Jewish supremacists, Mr. Dinerstein."

Screen 3: "It is blatantly obvious that the concerns of the media and the chairman are of "Jewish" interests first and foremost."

Screen 4: "Sid Dinerstein said 'We like to think we're tolerant people, but we're not that tolerant...' I think that is a real fitting statement coming from a Jew."

Screen 5: "The problem is the courts are dominated by those sympathetic to Judeo-Bolshevik clones like Sid Zion... er... Dinerstein."

Screen 6: "True, not only are the courts sympathetic to these dual citizen invaders, usurpers and parasites, but, often, the judges are themselves Jews, even though their fellow tribesmen comprise a mere 2.5% of all Americans."

Screen 7: "Good Buddhist name there eh folks!?"

Screen 8: "This is the consequence of allowing people like 'Dinerstein' into positions of power."

Screen 9: "We will have to see how this all pans out. Them jews down here are already chomping at the bit!"

Screen 10: "Dinerstein is a jew supremacist whether he proclaims himself to be or not."


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