Screen 1: Stormfront calls James Von Brunn a "White Nationalist Treasure" and a "gentleman."

Screen 2: Stormfront calls James Von Brunn "a modern hero of our race."

Screen 3: Stormfront: "This great White Nationalist served 6.5 years of a 11 year sentence in Federal Prison just had heart surgeory in Maryland. Wish him luck with his health. You can e mail him at I have never met Mr. [sic] vanBrunn but hope to meet him maybe the end of the summer. I have heard many great things about this am[a]zing man from his son who I be-friended when he was living in Florida."

Screen 4: Stormfront member posts e-mail from James Von Brunn discussing how Google was created by Jews.

Screen 5: Stormfront upset at what type of gun James Von Brunn used in the Holocaust Museum shooting.

Screen 6: Stormfront Editor and Chief of Staff: "[W]e will review these threads, we will review the deleted responses, and we will rid ourselves of these toxic members. Anyone condoning what Brunn did is not welcome here. You're entitled to your opinions, yes... elsewhere."

Screen 7: Stormfront Moderator: "I guess everyone here should realize this thread was re-opened to try to add to add to the supposed connection between what this nut did, and Stormfront... I am locking this thread."

Screen 8: Stormfront Moderator posts on thread referring to biracial baby as a "niglet."

Screen 9: Stormfront Moderator complaining about Jews.

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