Screen 1: Why Islam: “The article [concerning ‘gay history lessons’] is an eye [sic] opening for those who keep on sending their children to state schools to be mis-educated and de-educated by the non-Muslim monolingual teachers. Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.”

Screen 2: Why Islam: “You guys [Jews] have been cursed, and G-d’s anger is over you… Who will win? This is really not difficult to figure out… When faced with persecution by the Nazis, did the Jews rise up to fight their oppressors? No, they ran away to Palestine from Europe. The moral of this story is that when the going gets tough, the Jews pack their bags and leave.”

Screen 3: Why Islam: “First of all, muslims do not believe in the G-d of the corrupted Bible, but we do believe in Allah… Anyone who says ‘la ilahe ilallah’ (there is not god but Him)… is guaranteed with eternal life in heaven… Abt penalty, there is no penalty to be done for our sins. This is [sic] wat u christians made up!!”

Screen 4: Why Islam: “I don't have a problem with HAMAS attacking Israel... How can Israel call HAMAS a [sic] terroist group when THEY are the occupiers?”

Screen 5: Why Islam: “Ok, I will not defend Hamas and say that it is a righteous organization, although it really is...”

Screen 6: Why Islam: “In the name of Judaism, [sic] chrisitanity and Islam, Zion shall go down... Imagine what the World would look like if every one of us boycotts Israeli products and american ones (most of them are owned by zionists).”

Screen 7: Why Islam: “[W]ell i know a sister who was [sic] pracitsing ffrom an early age, and the husband's family didnt know that she wore hijab and so on... [W]hen they found out they told their son about this that she isnt modern and all that... [T]he son just told his wife, that he has to obey his parents and you either take ur scarf off or i'll divirce you... [T]o my astonishment, the sister actually did remove her scarf and the hijab which was hiding her modesty... [B]asically she chose her husband over allah... [J]ust coz she lives in a western society that doesnt mean that she should act like the kufar and be like them.”

Screen 8: Why Islam: “The zionists are cowards. [I]f this war was one on one with no weapons, you would have seen how we would have ripped open each zionist and urinated on their hearts.”

Screen 9: Why Islam: “O jews, you have gone far [sic] extereme in your arrogance, blood shedding, and making [sic] mischeif in th land. The whole world is witnessing your crimes...”

Screen 10: Why Islam: “[Y]ou are also saying that diplomacy is the only solution, and I absolutely do not agree; Hamas acted in a diplomatic way through 6 months of a horrible siege... [A]lso wonder why you are talking about Isreal as [sic] areal or even recognized country; Israel is an occupying entity, and it is the one that should be eliminated not Hamas... They want from Hamas to recognize the existence of israel which is an occupying country. I DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE EXISTENCE OF ISRAEL...”

Screen 11: Why Islam: "'[D]oes Israel have the right to exist, along with Palestinians?'... Yes Israel has a right to resist [exist], BUT, Not where they currently are. If The British and us (The U.S.) felt that Jews should have their own land after the bad things that happened to them in Europe, well, why not give them Utah?? Wyoming? Idaho??"

Screen 12: Why Islam: "'And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers'... [T]he verse applies in context of war (regardless of time of the revelation). As it applies now in Afghanistan and Palestine and Iraq, for instance."

Screen 13: Why Islam: “Islam is the way of life ordained for mankind since the time of dawn...”

Screen 14: Why Islam: “[W]e go about telling other to follow islam and become muslim when we ourselves do not follow islam in the right way... This my brothers and sisters will be another reason we will be first into hell and will be a factor which the non muslims use to get us into hell before them.”

Screen 15: Why Islam: “Topic: Allah's Punishment On The 200,000 US Forces!”

Screen 16: Why Islam: “We must have a single voice, against AMERICA and the Zionists who want to destroy peace!”

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