Screen 1: Yusuf Islahi, featured speaker at ICNA's 2009 national convention. Islahi's photo was taken from a JI website.

Screen 2: Yusuf Islahi, Chief Patron of ICNA's Why Islam (WI) project.

Screen 3: Yusuf Islahi, member of the Central Advisory Council, the Markazi Majlis-e-Shoora, of the JI-Hind, the Indian branch of JI.

Screen 4: Yusuf Islahi's JI bio ("Resume").

Screen 5: Yusuf Islahi, Editor of Zikra Jadeed magazine and Chief Patron of Zikra International Publishers.

Screen 6: Zikra features books written by Yusuf Islahi and JI founder Syed Abul Ala Maududi.

Screen 7: Yusuf Islahi's 'Ten Day Dars-e-Quran' series featured on the Sisters of ICNA-New Jersey website.

Screen 8: The Registered Agent for is, a site linked heavily to JI that solely promotes Islahi speeches.

Screen 9: featuring speeches by Yusuf Islahi.

Screen 10: From February 2001 till September 2001, was a 'mirror site' of the media section of JI's official website.

Screen 11: The Administrative Contact of is New Jersey resident, Raza Farrukh. The site was created in 1998.

Screen 12: Raza Farrukh is a National Director of ICNA.

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