Profiling the Dead

By Joe Kaufman and Jeffrey Epstein | September 1, 2006

Are cadavers the next WMD? The answer may surprise you.


Why Jihad U?

By Joe Kaufman | August 30, 2006

The Muslim Students Association at the University of South Florida endorses a hate site.


Real Estate Jihad

By Joe Kaufman | August 29, 2006

A jailed al Qaeda leader gets his message out over the Internet.


South Florida Intifada

By Joe Kaufman | August 22, 2006

A promoter of terror has come to town.


Miss Martyr Camp at the Y

By Joe Kaufman | August 18, 2006

Arts & crafts, boating, soccer and martyrdom.


Young Muslims' Secret Camp

By Joe Kaufman | August 1, 2006

The Young Muslims are hiding the location of their August 2nd youth camp, and the public has a right to know why.


A Saudi Turki in Miami

By Joe Kaufman | July 28, 2006

A prince exposes his kingdom's true colors.


Islamist Center of South Florida

By Joe Kaufman | July 11, 2006

A mosque with extremist ties wants to expand.


Who CAIRs About Terror Victims?

By Joe Kaufman | July 6, 2006

The Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Muslim American Society condemn Israel's "hostage-taking."


Muslim Brotherly Hate

By Joe Kaufman | June 30, 2006

This weekend, Muslim Brothers across North America will congregate in two large U.S. cities to display their unrepentant unity -- and their hate.


CAIR Fifth Columnists and Multiculturalists

By Joe Kaufman | June 27, 2006

The Islamist infrastructure is in our midst.


Tampa GOP Cyber-Attack

By Joe Kaufman | June 9, 2006

A new form of terror takes hold in Florida.


Farewell Messages from a
PIJ Co-Conspirator

By Joe Kaufman | June 2, 2006

An Islamist academic comes full circle.


CAIR for Governor?

By Joe Kaufman | May 30, 2006

Two Florida gubernatorial candidates' history with the anti-anti-terrorist group.


CAIR and Islamic Jihad

By Joe Kaufman | May 23, 2006

Anatomy of a "political misunderstanding."


The Two Faces of Zulfiqar
Ali Shah

By Joe Kaufman | May 16, 2006

An Islamic "scholar" with troubling connections is living it up in Milwaukee.


An Annual Hatefest

By Joe Kaufman | May 10, 2006

Florida Atlantic University, once again, plays host to the worst of extremists.


Or see Militant Islam Monitor version:
'Boca Goes Kablawi' w/original pic

Terror-Free Oil

By Joe Kaufman | May 5, 2006

Which gas station will you fill up at?


FBI 'Bridges' to Terror

By Joe Kaufman | April 18, 2006

Why is the FBI partaking in functions sponsored by CAIR?


The Day the Mufti Came to Town

By Joe Kaufman | April 13, 2006

A jihadist's cross-country tour.


CAIR April Fools

By Joe Kaufman | March 31, 2006

This April 1, CAIR will attempt to
pull the wool over the public's eyes.


Ms. Jihad U.

By Joe Kaufman | March 30, 2006

Al-Arian's disciple at the University
of South Florida.


Denying the Terrorist Reality

By Joe Kaufman | March 21, 2006

If we turn our backs on those that are fighting the war, then how will we ever win?


The Visiting Jihadist

By Joe Kaufman | March 16, 2006

What will pro-terror Imam Ibrahim Dremali tell students at the University of Central Florida this weekend?


The Black Hearts of KindHearts

By Joe Kaufman | March 14, 2006

Closing terror-supporting "charities" does not always stop the problem.


North Carolina Tar Heel Terror

By Joe Kaufman
Jihad Watch | March 7, 2006

A young Muslim student drives
into a crowd of infidels.


Or see FrontPage version:
'Tar Heel Terror'

The Islamist Port of Miami

By Joe Kaufman | March 1, 2006

The UAE is the least of Miami's terrorism concerns.


CAIR's Looney Toons

By Joe Kaufman | February 21, 2006

Guess where this U.S. "Muslim-rights" group stands on free speech?


Tampa Jihadi Olympics

By Joe Kaufman | February 10, 2006

Tampa's indoctrination of children
into radical Islam.


Death of a Terror Lobby

By Joe Kaufman | February 3, 2006

Why is the hate-group that laid
the foundation for CAIR gone?


Farris Hassan: Journalist
or Jihadist?

By Joe Kaufman and Beila Rabinowitz
Pipeline News | January 16, 2006

Did Farris take a week off... to enjoy martyrdom?


Georgetown's Capitulation to Radical Islam

By Joe Kaufman and Jeffrey Epstein | January 6, 2006

One of America's most prestigious universities is under siege.



A New Year's Jihad Retreat

By Joe Kaufman | December 29, 2005

One group will be ringing in the New Year a little differently...


Society of Hatred and Holy War

By Joe Kaufman | December 28, 2005

CAIR's Ahmed Bedier shows his true colors and so does his mosque.



Acquitting a Terrorist

By Joe Kaufman | December 7, 2005

A jury finds Al Arian and his codefendants not guilty of abetting terror -- after the evidence stares
them right in the face.


The School that Terrorism Built

By Joe Kaufman | December 5, 2005

Shuttered for teaching radical Islam,
a Florida school reopens under a new name - and taxpayers are footing the bill.


Sleeping with the Enemy
at the Marriott

By Joe Kaufman
WorldNetDaily | December 3, 2005

Joe Kaufman slams hotel firm that rejected anti-terror event but hosts CAIR.


CAIR Hotel Hell

By Joe Kaufman and Jeffrey Epstein
Jihad Watch | December 2, 2005

The Marriott turns away a counter-terror organization and then opens its arms to a terror front and an alleged coconspirator of a terrorist attack.


Holding Court with the Al-Arians

By Joe Kaufman
Jihad Watch | July 26, 2005

I got up close and personal as the terrorist financier had his day in court.


Or see FrontPage version:
'What I Saw at al-Arian's Trial'

CAIRing for Sami Al-Arian

By Joe Kaufman | June 22, 2005

Why is it when the media have a question about Sami Al-Arian, they go to Ahmed Bedier, an official in the "Muslim civil rights group" CAIR?


Unmasking the Radical Imam

By Joe Kaufman | May 13, 2005

The Florida imam Maulana Shafayat Mohamed postures as a moderate. His
past tells a different story.



A Nazi-Islamist Hatefest

By Joe Kaufman | April 26, 2005

A neo-Nazi helps a Shii'ite Islamic center in Boca Raton celebrate the birthday of Mohammed.



Florida "peace" group
on the attack

By Joe Kaufman
Jihad Watch | April 23, 2005

Could a Jewish Arab dialog group that professes to be committed towards peace be associated with radical Islam?


Terror U.

By Joe Kaufman | January 21, 2005

Florida Atlantic University reopens its arms to a potential co-conspirator to
the 1993 WTC bombing.


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