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Ghawji vs. Ghawji
This is the case of Rosine Ghawji, a woman who unknowingly married and had two children with a man who, through his family and acquaintances, was involved in international terrorism.

Originally from Syria, Maher Ghawji, Rosine's husband, is an admitted Wahhabist and member of the violent Muslim Brotherhood. Maher's brother, Haitham Ghawji, is linked to Al-Qaida and has trained for jihad in Afghanistan and has fought in Bosnia.

Maher Ghawji's hatred towards Jews borders on obsession. He has told his sons that he wants to "get rid" of all Jews and that he wishes for at least one of his sons to become a suicide bomber.

Maher Ghawji is currently romantically involved with Areej Zufari, the Spokesperson for the Islamic Society of Central Florida (ISCF), an umbrella organization for seven mosques in the Orlando, Florida area with various ties to radical Islam.

According to Maher Ghawji's sons, he (Maher), on a number of occasions, has told them (his sons) that he would be happy to blow them up for the sake of Allah; Maher Ghawji has, as well, tried to obtain their passports, in an attempt to take the boys to Syria against their will. Maher Ghawji has also threatened to murder his wife, Rosine, who is Catholic.

Now, Maher Ghawji wants custody of his children. Rosine Ghawji wants desperately for that not to happen.

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