May 14, 2005
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(Coral Springs, FL) On the homepage of the website of the Darul Uloom Islamic Institute, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, there is found a picture of the imam of the madrasa (school), Maulana Shafayat Mohamed, shaking hands with known bigot Ahmed Deedat.

Deedat, who is no longer alive, was famous for going around the world giving lectures on how Christianity is a false religion. He is credited with being the author of the book, 'CRUCIFIXION OR CRUCI-FICTION?'

Deedat has also expressed his hatred towards Jews and homosexuals. He was a featured speaker in a symposium with notorious anti-Semite Paul Findley, entitled 'Is ISRAEL setup for DESTRUCTION?' And in chapter 4 of his book, 'Muhammad the Natural Successor to Christ,' he repeatedly refers to homosexuals as "sodomites."

The picture with Deedat, whom Shafayat Mohamed said he "had a good relationship" with, was taken at what was then named the Bin Laden Center. Deedat, who according to The New York Times was "a vocal anti-Semite and ardent backer of Osama bin Laden," personally received millions of dollars from bin Laden for the center.

Maulana Shafayat Mohamed has much in common with Ahmed Deedat. Numerous Al-Qaeda related individuals have passed through Shafayat Mohamed's madrasa, Darul Uloom. And Shafayat Mohamed was the researcher for a prominent article found on Darul Uloom's website blaming homosexuals for the tsunami disaster and labeling Jews and Christians "perverted transgressors."

Joe Kaufman, the Chairman of Americans Against Hate (AAH), stated, "Maulana Shafayat Mohamed has participated in numerous 'interfaith' gatherings describing himself and his madrasa as being 'liberal,' when in reality they appear to be nothing more than promoters of hate and a safe haven for terrorists. It's time to bring Shafayat Mohamed and Darul Uloom out of their radical Islamist closet!"

AAH calls on all elected officials and legitimate organizations to distance themselves from Maulana Shafayat Mohamed and the Darul Uloom Islamic Institute.

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