May 26, 2005
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(Coral Springs, FL) In response to the Newsweek article alleging an incident where a Quran was flushed down a toilet by U.S. interrogators at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has announced that it will be giving away "free" Qurans. The name of the project is 'EXPLORE THE QURAN.'

According to the national headquarters of CAIR, the version of the book they are giving away is 'The Meaning of THE HOLY QURAN,' translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. This is the same version that had been permanently removed by the Los Angeles public school system for having anti-Jewish statements within its commentaries. The banned books had been donated to the schools by the Omar Ibn Khattab Foundation.

One of the cited offending passages reads, "The Jews in their arrogance claimed that all wisdom and all knowledge of Allah was enclosed in their hearts… Their claim was not only arrogance but blasphemy." Looking under "Jews" in the index of the book, one finds: "became apes and swine," "cursed," "enmity of," "greedy of life," "slew prophets," "took usury," "unbelief and blasphemy of," "work iniquity," and "write the Book with their own hands."

According to Khaleel Mohammed, in his piece about various translations of the Quran: "Writing at a time both of growing Arab animosity toward Zionism and in a milieu that condoned anti-Semitism, [Abdullah] Yusuf 'Ali constructed his oeuvre as a polemic against Jews."

CAIR calls this particular Quran the "most respected English translation of the Quran" and has been giving it away since September of 2002, in its own library project called 'Explore Islamic Culture & Civilization.' This initiative was funded in part by a donation of $500,000 from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. This is the same individual that ex-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani rejected a $10 million donation for disaster relief from, after bin Talal suggested U.S. policies in the Middle East contributed to the September 11th attacks.

At a local press conference, CAIR-Florida Executive Director Altaf Ali said of the Quran giveaway and the circumstance that led to it, "We want to turn a negative image [of America] into a positive one." Joe Kaufman, the Chairman of Americans Against Hate (AAH), reacted to this by stating, "Mr. Ali should worry less about America's image and worry more about his group's image, a group that has been cited for its connections to a terrorist organization and that gives out materials that preach hatred against others."

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